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Different Workouts for Better Abs and Digestion

Different Workouts for Better Abs and Digestion

Exercise is a very key component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping your body in shape. If you are experiencing constipation, or heartburn, your digestion tract may be compromised. This can occur through an unhealthy lifestyle and poor nutrition from what you put into your body. There are a variety of ways that you can improve your digestion and exercise is one of them. These exercises will not only help you get your digestive system back on track, but it will also help you to burn fat and strengthen your core. If you combine consistent ab workouts with the consistent wear of our Men's Body Slimming Vest, it will help you bring out your abs just in time for summer. The Men's Body Slimming Vest is a physique-improving undershirt that transforms the chest, narrows the waist, and provides overall support for your abdomen and chest areas.


The first, and probably easiest exercise that you can do to help your digestive tract is to brisk walk. A brisk walk is a form of moderate intensity workout that you can easily incorporate into your day. This exercise includes walking at a pace of at least 4.5 miles per hour for a recommended 30 minutes. Walking is an extremely simple task and if you can spare 30 minutes of your day to go out and take a brisk walk, it will aid you in digestion and may help you lose fat.  A brisk walk is effective in aiding with digestion because it stimulates the intestinal contractions, which helps stool pass through the colon.

Another exercise that you can do to strengthen your core and improve your digestion is ab crunches. This is done by laying down on your back with your knees up and using your abs to bring your upper body towards your knees. There are other variations to this exercise that are just as effective such as vertical leg crunches, where your legs are perpendicular to the ground, and a reverse crunch, where you bring your knees towards your shoulders. By strengthening your core, your bowel movement and intestines are strengthened as well. Along with strengthening your digestion, having gas and bloating will occur less often and you are also strengthening your abs so they can be more visible. Incorporating this into your routine can greatly help your digestion and help you lose fat to bring your abs out!


Lastly, a great way to improve digestion and get you better abs is through doing yoga. Yoga is a mind and body practice that combines breathing techniques, movement, and meditation. An easy way to get into yoga is by placing yourself in a calm environment and searching a yoga routine to do on YouTube. Some common yoga positions are child’s pose, downward and upward dog, bow pose, triangle pose, and a standing forward bend. Through yoga, you will be stretching and relaxing your muscles, as well as doing various poses that will strengthen your core and improve your balance. Yoga will help your digestion through less bloating, acidity, and decreasing stress which is a factor that contributes to poor digestive help.


If you’re experiencing bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or heartburn, that may be a sign that you need to get your digestive health back on track. By aiming to do at least one of these exercises a day, not only will you be improving your digestion, you will also be strengthening your abs and overall becoming more healthy.

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