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Undershirt Slimming Workout Vest For Men

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Color: White
Size: S

Discover the power of our Undershirt Slimming Workout Vest For Men, designed to empower you with a slimmer, more confident appearance.

Whether you're hitting the gym or going about your day, experience the benefits of our versatile vest that offers both style and functionality.


  • Effortless Body Shaping: Engineered to provide effective body shaping, this vest helps conceal belly fat, love handles, and side fat, giving you a more streamlined look.

  • Superior Stretchability: The vest's remarkable stretchability ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to move freely during workouts and daily activities.

  • Enhanced Posture: Featuring crisscross back panels, this vest significantly improves posture, promoting better spinal alignment and reducing strain.

  • Seamless Wear: Designed as an undershirt, this vest discreetly fits under any clothing, making it suitable for various occasions.


  • Material: Made from a blend of NYLON AND SPANDEX, our vest offers a combination of durability and flexibility.

  • Closure: The pull-on closure ensures easy wearing and a secure fit, enhancing your comfort.

  • Usage: Primarily designed for back support and slimming, this vest serves as your reliable companion during workouts and daily routines.

  • Patterns: With its sports pattern, this vest seamlessly aligns with an active lifestyle.

  • Gender: Tailored specifically for men seeking effective body shaping and posture improvement.

Elevate your physique and posture with our Undershirt Slimming Workout Vest For Men.

Experience the blend of support, style, and confidence in a single garment. Start your journey to a more confident you today!


Size Length Waist Chest
S 63 68-73 82-88
M 64 73--78 88-94
L 65 78-84 94-100
XL 68 84-90 100-107
2XL 68 90-96 107-114
3XL 73 96-102 114-121
4XL 73 102-108 121-128