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Getting Rid Of A Dad Bod With Body Slimming Vest

The Dad Bod

Fatherhood is one wild ride of a time! However, along the way of rewarding experiences and memorable times, you might’ve found yourself with less time to workout or pay attention to your body. Perhaps your kid has been performing a little too well at school, managing to convince you to follow up on those promised McDonald prize meals a few too many times. Or maybe you just haven’t had the time to cook up healthy meals for the family with the pandemic keeping everyone indoor. 

Either way, you look at the mirror and see the dreaded dad bod you swore you’d never let yourself slump into. You tell yourself you’ll work on it later, keep pushing it back and back, until– low and behold– the pandemic restrictions are beginning to lift and an upcoming important event is just around the corner! 

Now you can do one of three things:

Avoid the event all together by claiming you're sick or busy on that day and push that dreaded day of revelation back. 

Maybe you can workout in that time, get yourself back into semi decent shape so it isn’t quite as noticeable! But, let’s be honest, it’s pretty hard to lose weight and even if you get back on a healthy diet and set a routine exercise schedule, you probably won’t be able to avoid ever meeting up or attending these events before you’re happy with yourself.

Go to the event and steel yourself for those comments- you just know that one annoying coworker that has always had it out for you is bound to make. 

You can accept yourself as you are, just because you might’ve gained a little weight doesn’t mean you as a person have changed at all. If you’re happy that way then that’s perfectly fine and you’d be a better person than myself (the one writing this)! As long as you stay healthy and the weight you gained doesn’t put you at actual risk, then go for it! 

Or, you could mask it with a body slimming vest!

Now before you go and start puffing yourself up with macho statements like “A body slimming vest! That’s practically a corset and real men don’t wear those!” Well, that’s not at all the case. But corsets and stuff aside, a body slimming vest can help hide and distribute the extra weight while giving you back that slim fit appearance you probably long for. It’s as easy as just pulling on a snug sweater! 

What if someone found out I was wearing it?

At the end of the day, no one has to know  you’re even wearing it. To the external viewer, you just look like a healthy fit man. The only ones who’ll know are yourself and anyone else you tell. If the weight you gained truly does bother you, if you don’t want others to make judgements just because you’re a bit thicker than you were before becoming a dad or the whole indoors only pandemic; then there’s nothing wrong with putting on this vest to gain a bit of confidence and self esteem back!

How long can I wear one for?

Of course, you shouldn’t wear it all the time. It is a compression vest after all, it’s bound to get uncomfortable if you wear it for too long, but for the duration of an important event or gathering; it’s perfect! Turn that Dad bod back into a Rad bod easily and comfortably, let yourself feel fit again!

Wouldn't it be uncomfortable?

If you’re afraid it’ll be too tight or uncomfortable for an experience, fear not as we’ve specifically engineered these with breathable material and quality nylon to stay sharper and allow it to be worn in all weather. While yes, it may be a bit odd to wear at first since it’s a new experience and it is restricting the excess fat to give you the slimmer appearance, it’s easy to slip on under virtually any clothes! Pairing this with a healthy diet and regular exercise; it can help you get back into a nicer body shape over time and maybe one day you can achieve the same look without having to wear it at all!


In the long run, nothing will get you back into shape more than putting in the effort to work out and eat better; but for the short term to give yourself a confidence boost and motivation, there's nothing wrong with trying out a body slimming vest too!

Click here to get one today!

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